Watch Ghanta Hai Episode 1 Online, 20th May 2016, Aada Pada Kon Pada - Fart Prank - Type Of Farts Online at This video brings you things which are crazy fart moments.

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    Ghanta Hai -  Valentines Day Special

    Episode 16 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47562,"type":"2","name":"Valentines Day Special ","description":"Valentine's week is all about love and emotions , this week revolves around all those couple who are tied up in the knot of love or who are going to be...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/valentines-day-special","key":"YS2C9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":16,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:17"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Mumbai On Extra-Marital Affairs

    Episode 13 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47547,"type":"2","name":"Mumbai On Extra-Marital Affairs","description":"This time Ghanta hai team was in Aamchi Mumbai to talk about marriages and marital affairs...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/mumbai-on-extra-marital-affairs-ghanta-hai-public-talk-ghanta-hai","key":"YS2F9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":13,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:03"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Pornstar Vs Engineer

    Episode 14 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47552,"type":"2","name":"Pornstar Vs Engineer ","description":"We are privileged that we didn't have to fight for what we have to take as our profession but there are many student like...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/pornstar-vs-engineer","key":"YS2X9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":14,"season_number":null,"duration":"05:34"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Jaat Reservation - A Short Film About Arakshan

    Episode 11 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47537,"type":"2","name":"Jaat Reservation - A Short Film About Arakshan","description":"Reservations were made to uplift those poor and backward people who really need help from those who are in power...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/jaat-reservation-a-short-film-about-arakshan","key":"YSXl9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":11,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:48"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Dirty Mathematics In Public - Even Or Odd

    Episode 8 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47522,"type":"2","name":"Dirty Mathematics In Public - Even Or Odd","description":"A video on Dirty Mathematics In Public - Even Or Odd. Mathematics has beauty and romance.","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/dirty-mathematics-in-public-even-or-odd","key":"YSXW9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":8,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:57"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Girls - Boys Proposal Rejection

    Episode 9 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47527,"type":"2","name":"Girls - Boys Proposal Rejection","description":"This is a video on Public Talk - Girls-Boys Proposal Rejection...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/girls-boys-proposal-rejection-public-talk","key":"YSXO9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":9,"season_number":null,"duration":"05:46"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  School Di Kitab

    Episode 6 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47512,"type":"2","name":"School Di Kitab","description":"Watch this prank video on School Di Kitab.","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/school-di-kitab","key":"YSXr9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":6,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:57"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Delhi On Defense Forces (Indian Army) - Public Talk

    Episode 4 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47502,"type":"2","name":"Delhi On Defense Forces (Indian Army) - Public Talk","description":"This is a video which is a general public talk on defense forces.","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/delhi-on-defense-forces-public-talk-indian-army","key":"YSXw9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":4,"season_number":null,"duration":"05:18"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Freedom251 -Smart Phone

    Episode 5 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47507,"type":"2","name":"Freedom251 -Smart Phone","description":"This is a fun video on Freedom 251. Freedom 251 was officially launched in New Delhi on Wednesday by Noida based firm Ringing Bells costs just Rs 251...","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/freedom251-smart-phone-ringing-bell-just-for-fun","key":"YSXu9L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":5,"season_number":null,"duration":"03:07"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Delhi Girls - Boys On Common Sense

    Episode 3 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47497,"type":"2","name":"Delhi Girls - Boys On Common Sense","description":"This is a video which is a general public talk between Delhi girls and boys regarding common sense.","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/delhi-girls-boys-on-common-sense-public-talk","key":"YSX29L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":3,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:35"}
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    Ghanta Hai -  Back To School - Old School Memories

    Episode 17 | Hindi | Comedy


    {"id":47567,"type":"2","name":"Back To School - Old School Memories ","description":"So this time Ghanta hai is back in their school days and we shot this video in Kendriya Vidyalaya Ojhar.","seo_key":"tv\/watch-ghanta-hai-online\/back-to-school-old-school-memories","key":"YS259L","m":false,"item_text":"Ghanta Hai","genre":"Comedy","media_type":"2","language":"Hindi","user_status":"0","clip_rights":null,"release_date":"20 May 2016","show_episode_no":17,"season_number":null,"duration":"06:06"}

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