The Exorcism Of Emily Rose


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    Jane Eyre

    English | Romance

    {"id":"4846539241000","type":"movie","name":"Jane Eyre","studio_text":"Omnibus Productions","description":"Based on Charlotte Bronte's popular Victorian novel 'Jane Eyre' this movie depicts the life of a young orphan, Jane Eyre (Susannah York). After going through hell in the Lowood..","seo_key":"movies\/watch-jane-eyre-online","item_text":"Jane Eyre","genre":"Romance","sub_genre":"","media_type":"full","language":"English","cast_data":"","user_status":"0","clip_rights":"1","release_date":"1971-03-24","show_episode_no":"0","season_number":"0"}
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    Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of Lady Beryl

    English | Thriller

    {"id":"3340526461000","type":"movie","name":"Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of Lady Beryl","studio_text":"Universal Pictures","description":"Sherlock Holmes's partner Dr. John H. Watson comes to meet Inspector Lestrade as the Inspector had taken Holmes' credit, but the Inspector assures Watson that it was simply a..","seo_key":"movies\/watch-sherlock-holmes-the-case-of-lady-beryl-online","item_text":"Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of Lady Beryl","genre":"Thriller","sub_genre":"","media_type":"full","language":"English","cast_data":"","user_status":"0","clip_rights":"1","release_date":"1954-10-25","show_episode_no":"0","season_number":"0"}