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    Sweet Thing

    English | Drama

    {"id":"23561110381000","type":"movie","name":"Sweet Thing","studio_text":"JAM Pictures","description":"The story is about an artist named Sean Fields (Jeremy Fox), who is haunted by the brutality that he has suffered throughout his childhood at the hands of his abusive stepfather,..","seo_key":"movies\/watch-sweet-thing-online","item_text":"Sweet Thing","genre":"Drama","sub_genre":"","media_type":"full","language":"English","cast_data":"","user_status":"0","clip_rights":"1","release_date":"1999-10-07","show_episode_no":"0","season_number":"0"}
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    Tears in the Rain

    English | Romance

    {"id":"5495038781000","type":"movie","name":"Tears in the Rain","studio_text":"","description":"The romantic melodrama tells the story of a girl, Casey (Sharon Stone), who goes to England to fulfill her mother's last wish of giving a particular letter to Lord Richard Bredon..","seo_key":"movies\/watch-tears-in-the-rain-online","item_text":"Tears in the Rain","genre":"Romance","sub_genre":"","media_type":"full","language":"English","cast_data":"","user_status":"0","clip_rights":"1","release_date":"1988-01-01","show_episode_no":"0","season_number":"0"}
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    This is Your Life: Laurel And Hardy

    English | Short Film

    {"id":"8488127351000","type":"movie","name":"This is Your Life: Laurel And Hardy","studio_text":"Ralph Edwards Productions","description":"Ralph Edwards surprises Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the two icons in the field of Comedy and invites them to his show 'This Is Your Life'. Ralph takes the audience on a tour..","seo_key":"movies\/watch-this-is-your-life-laurel-and-hardy-online","item_text":"This is Your Life: Laurel And Hardy","genre":"Short Film","sub_genre":"","media_type":"full","language":"English","cast_data":"","user_status":"0","clip_rights":"1","release_date":"1954-12-01","show_episode_no":"0","season_number":"0"}