Spectranet offers extra data volume to customers using BoxTV.com

In a first-of-its-kind offering, Spectranet and BoxTV have exclusively tied up to offer free additional data volume to all the customers of Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Experience) for watching movies, shows and more on boxtv.com. Customers can now watch BoxTV without worrying about their data volume.

Customers of Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX will get a full month of BoxTV’s premium service free and will subsequently be billed directly by Spectranet as part of their monthly plan. This will enable them to sign up for the premium service without any hassles of providing credit card or other payment information. In addition to this, customers of Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX will be pre-registered for the offer and can avail the same using their existing Spectranet login credentials.

In this offer, customers of Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX will get extra 8GB data volume bundled free of cost with their monthly BoxTV subscription plan purchased through Spectranet. Customers will be able to watch as many as 10 movies or shows in great quality every month without consuming their monthly plan volume. Post which the customers can continue watching BoxTV on their regular data plan. Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX offers amazing internet experience with download speeds of 12 to 16 Mbps and lets its customers carry forward their unused data volume to the next billing cycles.

About Spectranet
Spectranet is India’s fast growing internet services provider, and the preferred choice for broadband services and is committed to enhancing the lives of its consumers. As India’s first fiber internet service provider and having served enterprise and home consumers now for over thirteen years, Spectranet has grown to deliver the most amazing internet experience to its consumers today.

Spectranet is focused on revolutionizing three business lines:
A. Connectivity and data solutions for Business and Enterprise customers
B. Broadband services for Homes
C. VoIP and Voice Services

Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) home consumers are among the top 1% of internet users in India who enjoy speeds of more than 10Mbps making Spectranet the network of choice for thousands of customers in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

With its all new and revolutionary Business Internet Access (BIA) products Powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience), Spectranet has re-invented the enterprise offerings to deliver an unfair advantage of abundance to its business customers.

BoxTV Now Showcases Content From National Geographic

BoxTV.com will now feature shows and documentaries from National Geographic Channel (NGC), the world’s leading producer of scientific and educational content.

As a part of the offering, BoxTV will feature premium/ highly rated NGC content for audiences in the Indian sub-continent, covering popular shows and documentaries such as Air Crash Investigation, Banged Up Abroad, Taboo, Megacities, Caught In The Act, A Traveler’s Guide to The Planets, etc.  The content will be available for free ad-supported viewing, adding on to BoxTV’s large library of more than 17,000 hours of content across Hollywood, Bollywood, Regional movies and television.  The content will be available across the web and BoxTV’s mobile and device apps from August 2013.

NGC Content

The National Geographic Channel content adds a completely new dimension to the existing BoxTV content library.  The top-quality edutainment content is something that people have loved watching over the years.  Making it available on BoxTV on-demand service allows users to watch it any number of times at their convenience.

So gear up and enjoy the educational and entertaining shows and documentaries from National Geographic Channel on BoxTV.com.

Happy viewing!


BoxTV.com reaches 50 million Views in 4 months

BoxTV.com recently released viewership statistics since the launch of its premium subscription service in the end of February 2013. BoxTV has recorded more than 50 million views in the past four months with more than 100,000 unique users accessing the website daily on an average.  Users have spent an average of 27 minutes per visit, with this percentage growing each day.

Releasing an infographic highlighting some of the key viewership patterns, BoxTV showed a growing interest for premium content from genres like Romance (17 %) , Action (16%) and Drama (15%), rest 52% concluded interest in genres like thriller, history, comedy, suspense, family, children and crime.

More than half of the audience consumed Bollywood content followed by English and Regional language content.  This can be attributed to a larger share of the Bollywood content being available for free/ad-supported consumption.

In top languages, 62% of premium subscribers consumed Hindi content followed by 20% for English and 17% regional, which is largely lead by tamil and telugu regional video consumption. The bollywood and regional content marks interest in USA, US and Gulf as well. The domestic demand is driven by cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

BoxTV also released some of the top-searched keywords on the site – the maximum searches going to “Amitabh Bachchan”, “Cricket”, “Sex” and “Adult”.   The website was running a digital campaign for Amitabh Bachchan hits which witnessed a huge spike in interest on Amitabh films.

Detailed infographic is attached below for quick reference.

To download the high resolution infographic file, Click here.

Video Viewership Patterns

Redeeming BoxTV coupon received with EvoTV

We have been receiving many queries to guide users with the redemption process of coupon they receive with EvoTV. So, we are doing a quick blog for your reference:

Step 1: Go the evotv site  http://evotv.amkette.com/free-offers


Step 2: Fill in the details to complete the registration process

Step 3: Upon registration you will receive an email from EvoTV which provides the coupon code for availing one-month free subscription on BoxTV

Step 4: To redeem the coupon please go to http://www.boxtv.com/subscribe-now

Step 5: Click on ‘Subscribe Now’ button and fill the required details. Please put the coupon code and click the apply button and Voila! you are all set to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows absolutely free for a month!

Please note that your credit card details will be required to complete the BoxTV registration process but do not worry, it will not be charged for the month!

So go ahead-avail your free offer and Register today!!





Box TV to add Award-winning Bhojpuri movies to its catalogue

Continuing with its march into the Hindi heartland, BoxTV has announced a tie up with Hyder Kazmi’s regional award winning Bhojpuri titles. The content will reach audiences across Dhanbad, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Arrah, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and will also appeal to audience in the tier 2 and tier 3 towns of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Given the potential of Bhojpuri cinema, this move would help BoxTV to establish itself as a strong regional player in central India and bring more value to consumers looking for regional entertainment.

BoxTV will have a huge line-up of hit Bhojpuri movies starring Hyder Kazmi such as Ladaai, Kaalia, Rangbaaj.  The content will be in local dialect of Bhojpuri across genres like comedy, drama, action, and thriller. The movies can also be streamed through BoxTV apps available on various platforms such as  iOS, Android and through smart TV pods.

About Hyder Kazmi: Hyder Kazmi was first introduced by megastar Manoj Kumar in the movie ‘Bharat Ke Shahid’ where his performance was hugely appreciated by the audience. Subsequently, he worked in popular TV serials such as Alif Laila, and a telefim Mahapaash which was also screened at France Telefilms Festival. He founded a Telecom Company, ASC Digital Pvt. Ltd. Recently, he also won the Best Actor Award for his Bhojpuri movie ‘Kaalia’.



BoxTV brings exclusive Shaw Brothers Catalog to India

Enters into a digital VOD deal to stream martial arts content directly on the smartphones, tablets and computers

BoxTV team is happy to announce that with the recent content alliance with Celestial Pictures(CPL), we have been able to source the exclusive Shaw Brothers content catalog for our Indian users. We have signed the deal for acquisition of more than 100 titles of Shaw Brothers martial arts movies. As a result of this, BoxTV will offer its subscribers access to a wealth of Shaw Brothers martial arts content in a dedicated genre.  All the films will come with english dubbed tracks and supported with english subtitles.

Some popular titles include “Blood Brothers”, “Buddha’s Palm”, “Return to the 36th Chamber”, “The Brave Archer”, “Perils of The Sentimental Swordsman”, “The Dragon Missile”, etc. The multiyear agreement also marks CPL’s first digital video-on-demand (VOD) deal in the country.


Officially launched in February 2013, BoxTV currently offers a huge selection of full length movies and television content on its portal.  Consumers can access the content by paying a monthly subscription fee of INR 199 in India. In addition, consumers can browse and watch over 10,000 hours of free content.

Check it out for yourself only at www.boxtv.com!


From the Content Programming Desk

When I joined BoxTV a year and a half ago, I was more than excited. It was overwhelming in the beginning with  months of pouring through excels – sheet after sheet, scouring movies, studios, star casts, directors, music directors, reviews, ratings, certifications, and screening movies across almost every major language in the country. But I can say that the end result has been more than satisfying.

Without being boastful,  BoxTV can proudly claim, that it  has some of the best movies of all time, accessible to the user through the website and the apps (across popular platforms like iPhone/iPad/Android etc).

BoxTV content library is vast and varied – from cult flicks to commercial blockbusters to musicals to horror legends, drama to crime to comedy, adventures to murder mysteries, suspense thrillers, family dramas, cartoons – as clichéd as it sounds, we really do have the ‘real deal’ for our users. We offer a rich library to the user with content in various languages like, English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi… you name it, we got it.

And BoxTV has integrated the technology with the product keeping you in mind, so that your internet connection can be as bad as possible but you can still stream our movies with minimal buffering! Really!

We are happy that some of the popular movies of all times are up on our site. We all grew up on Bachchan flicks of 70s and 80s, Mithun movies, Disney classics like Duck Tales & Robin Hood, and Kung Fu hits. So if any of these names interest you even a little bit, then we suggest you go ahead – search the site (www.boxtv.com) for your favourite stars, watch all their movies, and let us know what you think about it. A little feedback is always helpful.

BoxTV also offers Charlie Chaplin classics, Laurel & Hardy series, Sherlock Holmes adventures, just as we have Rajesh Khanna’s hits on the site, Rajnikanth, Shah Rukh Khan, Shammi Kapoor, and the diversity is so well distributed, that you just cannot stop watching movies.


We have a great team running things here. And well, like most businesses, the best part of the product, is you guys, the viewers. If you’re happy, it makes our days/weeks/months/years going through excel sheets totally worth it.

So stick around, stay tuned to all the new content coming in, and once in a while you can also share your wish list with us. We’ll try to make it happen.

- Bijou Fernandez

Bijou Fernandez leads Content Programming for BoxTV

Watch IPL on BoxTV.com

BoxTV takes entertainment to the next dimension. Now, viewers can watch Indian Premier League (IPL) games on our platform absolutely free of cost. BoxTV along with YouTube will jointly distribute all 76 cricket matches of the IPL in the sixth season of the annual tournament. Viewers across the globe except in the US and Canada will be able to watch the live matches and highlights on BoxTV.com and YouTube.com.



The Pepsi IPL 2013 will be played from 3rd April 2013 to 26th May 2013. It will feature nine teams, and a total of 76 matches. This will be the sixth season of the annual tournament. Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural season, in 2008. The erstwhile Deccan Chargers won the title in 2009. Chennai Super Kings triumphed in 2010 and 2011, and Kolkata Knight Riders scaled the summit in 2012.

IPL experience on BoxTV:
Get access to the streaming player on BoxTV (http://www.boxtv.com/ipl/) to watch the IPL games. You can also browse through and watch IPL videos under the videos tab. The complete schedule of the game is also available to the user for their quick reference. Here’s a look at our IPL homepage:


Watch IPL on BoxTV.com

BoxTV provides a lot more than just game to the cricket enthusiasts. You can get more details about your favorite team by clicking on the ‘Teams’ tab – where you can access news, related videos and even photos of your favorite teams.

The BoxTV IPL experience is not just restricted to the web, so if you are on the move, you really don’t have to miss your favorite IPL games. Access IPL from the BoxTV app for iPad and never miss any crucial gaming moment.

Extending our philosophy to provide the best experience with the most intuitive user-interface, we have created the iPad interface, which is simple to use and extremely user friendly. Take a look at our IPL homepage for iPad:

SO get in the groove – cheer for your favorite team and start streaming!!

Hi, I am BoxTV!

This is the first post of the official blog that will be maintained by the BoxTV team. A team that has been dying to show you what we’ve been working on for a few months – a premium video service aimed at bringing you the best of entertainment – blockbuster movies, TV shows, short films and more.

BoxTV was designed with some core underlying principles:

“User-first” design
Creating an experience that puts the users before everything else was one of the key goals of our design and development. While you will hear more about this in future posts and also experience this yourself on the site, the core philosophy is to bring the user closer to the entertainment experience and everything else out of the way. We think we’ve done a pretty good job with our unique “lean-back” player controls, allowing users to quickly browse, find their programs and then lean back and enjoy the show.

Your favorites
We realize that different people have different tastes. That is why we’ve put together an ever-growing collection of movies and shows that is diverse – ranging from immortal classics, nostalgic flicks, heart-warming romance, roaring epics, edge-of-the-seat thrillers and much more, including even a range of entertainment for the child in you! These are available across multiple languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and many more coming soon! We also realize that searching an exhaustive catalog can be, well, exhausting! So our content team handpicks programs that we showcase to you and our intelligent system also picks out popular titles and recommendations that are shown to you prominently.

Anywhere, Anytime
BoxTV is designed to work with you wherever you are and whenever you need it. With our soon-to-be-released range of device apps, you can carry BoxTV with you in your smartphone, tablet or other devices. You can watch your favorite programs on the web, continue watching them while on the move and get access to your entire BoxTV account anywhere! All you need is an Internet connection!

We’re super excited to be able to finally bring you the months of work. We sure hope you love it and as we roll out more and more features, we’d love to hear from you on what you like, what you don’t, what you’d like to see and be part of the BoxTV experience with us!

Welcome to BoxTV!